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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Event Spotlight - Fall Festival

The only things that said Fall downtown this weekend were the leaves on the trees, the polka band on Saturday afternoon, and the signs proclaiming Fall Fest. The weather, on the otherhand, would have been nice to have for ArtFair back in July! It must be some kind of record to have gorgeous, sunny, 80+ degree weather for both ArtFair and Fall Fest in a single year. I expect the Guiness Book of World Records to call any day now...

In any case, it was an amazing weekend. Another record setter was the giant pumpkin buffalo, courtesy of master pumpkin carver Scott Cummins -- possibly the most camera phone pictures taken in the history of camera phones!

A personal best, I managed to pour four cups of Oktoberfest Marzen, courtesy of Walnut Brewery, without spilling a single drop OR generating more than a quarter inch of foam. An aspiring bartender I am not, but it's always good to learn a new skill! The Beer Tent was packed all weekend, with local brews from Walnut Brewery, RedFish Brewhouse, Boulder Beer, and of course, Coors. Volunteers came through, and a great time was had by pourers and drinkers alike.

Families were out in full force. Who could resist the jumping castle, or the amazing food, or all of the free samples?

My favorite story to come out of this past weekend comes from our Event Coordinator. She was manning the information booth on Friday night, and the first band was up. Someone standing nearby said, "Hey, isn't that an old Firefall song?". She had the pleasure of turning around and saying, "That IS Firefall!"

Have a good Fall Fest story of your own? Leave it as a comment, and we'll post the good ones!


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