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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Event Spotlight: Halloween Downtown

Despite temperatures in the 30s, there was a great turn-out for the Munchkin Masquerade on Pearl Street Mall last night! Stores up and down the mall, and even as far up as the St. Julien Hotel, were in the spirit with Treat Stops, and they weren't disappointed. Super-heroes from Spiderman to Batman to Superman were out in full force, as were the many Harry Potters, Elmos, pirates and fairies.

My personal three-way tie for the most original kid costumes I saw were Ralphie the CU Buffalo, an iPod, and a rollercoaster ride. Sadly, I was too busy fielding basketballs at the Downtown Boulder Treat Stop to snap pictures of them. But you know who you are -- if you've got pictures, send them in!

I saw quite a few parent-child costume teams as well, which made me smile. I always wish for a good excuse to dress-up on Halloween, but wasn't quite ready to brave the cold this time. Kudos to those who did; I think my favorite adult-child costume team was Yoda and Princess Leia.

Our Deputy Director, when pressed, estimates a turn-out of about 4,000 to 5,000 people last night during the Masquerade, which ran from 3pm to 5pm. As we were packing up our Treat Stop it only got busier, so I can only imagine the fun later on last night!

Here's hoping you all had a great time, got lots of candy, stayed warm, and had a Happy Halloween!


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