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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Look for Downtown Boulder

Downtown Boulder has a new website which is greatly improved and easy to use. The information is the same but presented with a whole new style. A company named Geocentric is our new web host which allows us to have impressive mapping capabilities dedicated to improving destination marketing and local search activities. Now you can find the parking garage closest to your favorite restaurant, discover shops right around the corner from your downtown office, or plan your hotel stay in Boulder by what you want to be near to! With the easy to use search function, you can look for events, stores, restaurants, or any aspect of downtown just like you would at Google. The Events page has a great calendar function, which allows a user to search by a specific date and also lists the current events. Dining and Shopping each have a section and are categorized so it’s easy and quick to find, for example, a women’s shoe store, hair salon, or eatery. So though it looks different, all of our information is listed and up to date. The address is the same, so check it out at www.boulderdowntown.com.


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