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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Clothing and Baked Goods

I’m munching on a cupcake on perfect fall day in Boulder. The pink-topped delicacy holding my 4:00 p.m. sweet tooth at bay and you know, it’s making me feel like it all fits together. The way the falling leaves and Autumn fit together, the way Lennon and McCartney fit together, doping and the Tour, peas and carrots, Tee Shirts and Cakes…. Tees and what? You heard me people; Tees and Cakes. Downtown’s newest entry into the thriving world of hip and now is upon us. Tee & Cakes, 1932 14th Street, steps from Pearl Street, had landed to usher us into the vogue world of design and taste with a satisfyingly Boulder touch. Kim Boos and Brian Wood preside over Boulder’s only rotating pie cooler, dispensing good cheer in the form of scrumptious cakes and baked goodies, stellar coffee, and edgy t shirts and apparel designed right here in the Republic Of.

Brian Wood, a CU grad, is the wizard behind the graphics and garb of Side B Apparel, the Tees of the title; While Kim Boos, a Boulder County native herself, brings her masterful art of pastry, perfected at her own Haute Cakes, to bear on the unsuspecting masses of downtown. These two young entrepreneurs met at a business launch party in the very space they inhabit now. Both of them were looking for a home for their own ventures and serendipitously, Tee & Cakes was born. Pastries as design and baking as art. Apparel for the discerning, urban and aware. Something different, not mainstream and where you can get pie with your hoodies. A gathering point for people who care about quality and passion, music, fresh organic coffee, maybe a little WiFi, and a comfortable, casual place that makes that Seattle-based behemoth seem as with it as Britney’s latest meltdown. It’s not just a coffee shop, mind you, these guys have not only what you need, but what you want: Custom Grilled cheese, your way, three cheeses, a choice of toppings. I heard caramelized onions and avocado being thrown about. Damn. You want a plate of bacon grilled up there,pal, they can do that. They live for that.

So put a little spring in step this fall, unwrap a fluffy golden morsel topped with iced goodness, wear something wonderful, affordable, and cool. Impress your local indie rocker, and put a local designer on the map. Munch, lunch, caffeinate and look fine while doing it. Who knew fitting together could be so much fun.

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