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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Boulder's Pedestrian Shops and Crocs' SolesUnited

In support of Crocs' SolesUnited footwear recycling program, Boulder's Pedestrian Shops are encouraging customers to donate their worn Crocs to help people in need. All Crocs collected will be sorted, cleaned, ground, and manufactured into new SolesUnited footwear,which is then distributed to people in need around the world.

Both Pedestrian Shops locations are permanent collection centers for SolesUnited. However, to launch the program, they are holding a promotion exclusively for their customers. Now through March 23rd, the Pedestrian Shops are offering a $5.00 discount on any pair of new Crocs footwear with each pair of Crocs brought in to be recycled.

Deciding to participate as a SolesUnited authorized collection center was an easy choice for Pedestrian Shops owner, Richard Polk. "We're always looking for ways to help make the world a better place." In addition to supporting SolesUnited, the Pedestrian Shops hold two shoe drives annually (at EarthDay and Thanksgiving) to benefit those in need of footwear locally and they continuously support a wide variety of local non-profit organizations.

Pedestrian Shops have been a Crocs retailer since 2003. A 600 square foot'Crocs Room' was added to the Pedestrian Shops' Pearl St. location in 2005 due to soaring Crocs demand. Over 2000 pairs of Crocs can be found on display there at any given time.

Having sold more than 100,000 pairs of Crocs, Pedestrian Shops Operations Manager, Lauren Polk is glad to see the product's life being extended by the SolesUnited program. "SolesUnited is two great things in one. The program offers an alternative to throwing away worn out Crocs while helping people in need at the same time. Simply donating your old shoes lessens ourenvironmental impact and benefits our global community."

For additional information contact either Richard or Lauren Polk
or visit www.comfortableshoes.com.

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