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Friday, June 27, 2008

Boulder Voted No. 2 Cyber City in the Nation

Only California's San Jose/Silicon Valley is ahead of Boulder in the race to a new cyber world. Boulder is ranked the number two city in the nation for percentage of workers employed in high tech work, a stat provided by the American Electronics Association. The specifics? In 2006, Boulder had 230 high tech workers per 1,000 private sector workers. Silicon Valley had 286 per 1000. Not too shabby. Huntsville, Alabama; Durham, N.C. and D.C. followed to make the top five.

Not only that, Boulderites working in the high tech industry are making bank- Boulder offers the sixth highest high-tech wages in the nation. Denver high tech workers make an average of $87,900 yearly, while those in Boulder make $96,100. In case you haven't noticed yet, Boulder is experiencing a high tech boom.

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