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Monday, June 30, 2008

The Hazel Miller Band Performs Wednesday

Why pass up a chance to see a musician who will "make your socks roll up and down," as quoted by Mark Harden from the Denver Post? Not sure what that means exactly, but it's been said about Hazel Miller and her band, and praises sung for this modern day Billie Holiday can't be wrong.

Hazel hails from Louisville, Kentucky (if you want to sound in the know, pronounce it "lool-vull," like the natives of KY, not "loo iss vill" like the city down the street) where she started her music career. As a child, she learned to sing by imitating variety show performers- the only place she had a chance to see black performers. Her soulful, gravelly voice gradually brought her to fame in Kentucky. She rose to the top of the scene, opening for the likes of James Brown, Mel Torme and the Temptations. This success led her on a journey to L.A. Luckily for us here in Colorado, her truck broke down and this singing spirit never made it to the City of Angels. She settled in Denver and added Herbie Hancock, Pop Staples, Five Blind Boys of Alabama; Peter, Paul, and Mary, and Big Head Todd and the Monsters to her list of co-performers.

The Hazel Miller Band will perform this Wednesday, July 2nd as part of Downtown Boulder's Band on the Bricks Series. Click here for more information. So be sure to find the time to get those Smartwools shimmying up your shins and back down again to the sweet sounds of Hazel Miller.

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At July 15, 2008, Anonymous COhomefinder said...

If you haven't seen Hazel, you haven't seen Boulder.


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