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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Church on Spruce Now Home to etown

Etown is a Boulder based radio show that is recorded live each week and broadcast coast to coast on NPR, public, commercial and community stations. It provides entertainment while educating. Nick Forster and his wife Helen have been recording their show successfully since 1991. However, the Forsters still wanted more. Specifically they felt that church at 1535-1539 Spruce Street would be a perfect spot for etown’s needs. Over the years, the church has gone on the market several times, but city regulations have prevented its use as etown envisioned it.

This month, Forster finally got his way. He recently closed the deal to purchase the church from developer Stephen Tebo. The church has been appraised for $3 million, it sold for $2.156 million, and Forster paid only $1.4 million. Tebo donated the difference. Why such a deal? To keep etown here in Boulder. Tebo says, "I believe very strongly in etown and what they do for the community." With help from city officials like business liaison Liz Hanson, Forster found a way around the regulations and into the sanctuary. Turns out there is a line in the city code that says music recording is a permitted use. "We want to keep good business here. It's more than just saying we're glad that etown is here. We want to make sure they stay here." Hanson remarked in a July 16th Camera article.

So while etown won't stop performances at Boulder Theater, their longtime venue, they will use the new space for operations, tapings, and the creation of "Etown Hall.", a place for smaller performances and community gatherings. Forster says, "We have a very deep and lasting commitment to Boulder." To learn more, visit etown's website, www.etown.org. To read the original article by the Camera, click here.

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