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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

City Tests Recycling on Pearl Street Mall

Enjoying a nice, albeit hot day by reading the paper and having a bottle of Perrier on Pearl St is quaint, and it just got greener to do so. Starting the week of July 28th, blue recycling lids will be added to approximately one-third of existing trashcans in downtown Boulder. Glass, paper, plastic and cans can be recycled in the new single stream receptacles Downtown. The bins will make it easy for pedestrians on Pearl to do their part, and you can have your paper and recycle it too.

The recycling upgrade is a combined effort by Downtown and University Hill Management Division and Parking Services, the Office of Environmental Affairs and the Parks and Recreation Department. The Parks and Recreation Department's Pearl Street Mall maintenance staff will monitor the volume of recycled materials and add more in the future if we prove how much we love to recycle.

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