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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Hot Dogs with Heart

How do you make a hot dog stand? Steal its chair. No doubt Mike Horowitz, owner and hot dog seller at Freddie's Hot Dogs downtown, has heard that joke countless times before. Or, if he's lucky, maybe he hasn't. Judging from the success of his charcuterie chariot, he is very lucky indeed.

Freddie's has been providing sustenance in sausage form for the past twelve years, right on the corner of Pearl and Broadway. Horowitz bought the cart in 1996 and has been serving up satisfaction ever since. Condiments abound. You can get a Buffalo Bratwurst for $4- and that's the most you'll spend for any one item at his stand. Where else will 75 cents get you a soda? Can't think of a single place. While there's no such thing as a free lunch, this is close.

Horowitz relishes the regulars. If a repeat customer finds him or herself in a pickle, he won't hesitate to say, "I'll put this on your tab- pay me next time." That's something you don't hear too frequently. As Jim Grady, one of the lucky regulars, says, "It's like the hot dog version of Cheers." How do you make a hot dog stand? Ask Mike Horowitz- he's got it figured out.

For more information on Mike Horowitz and the stand see the Colorado Daily article here.

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