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Monday, August 25, 2008

'Eldridge Building' New Home for Frasca

Downtown fine-dining restaurant Frasca will move to a new location on Pearl and Ninth in the coming year. The 'Eldridge Building' has been in the works for awhile, led by Richard Foy, Henry Beer, Phil Shull and George Karakehian. Tom Eldridge, former City Councilman and owner of Tom's Tavern, was also a partner in the project before his death in May 2007.

The project will begin by the end of this year, creating a three-story structure that will house the restaurant and three condominium units. The building will be worthy of Eldridge's name, having LEED gold certification and a rooftop featuring photovoltaic panels and several gardens.

Backers of the project have also agreed during the review process to reduce the restaurant's impact on surrounding neighbors by installing noise dampening equipment and limiting the restaurant's hours and size.

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