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Friday, September 26, 2008

Downtown Boulder Post Office

I was walking into work thinking about what I would write about today. I had just stepped out of the Boulder Post Office located on 15th Street between Walnut and Pearl streets, where I had the most pleasant conversation with a local postal employee, when the idea hit. Today, I want to tell everyone reading this post what wonderful service I have always received on the several occasions that I’ve walked through their doors.

At the Downtown Boulder Post Office, which happens to be located just steps away from Belvedere Belgian Chocolate Shop(!), there is always more than one window open! I usually go first thing in the morning and I have never had to wait in a line. The employees have always been incredibly kind and courtesy and I always leave with a smile on my face. I attribute some of the easy of visiting this location to the fact that I am never accompanied by my nearly-two and three year olds! But besides that fact, I think it’s absolutely the best post office I’ve ever been in. To all those Boulder postal employees working in the Downtown Boulder location, thank you for your efficiency and excellent customer service!

(On a side note, we are experiencing beautiful autumn days here in Downtown Boulder…flowers are still in bloom and leaves are changing colors. It’s the perfect time to head to Downtown Boulder to see who’s here! Join us this weekend for fantastic shopping, dining and entertainment. Don’t forget to visit the Boulder County Farmers’ Market and check out the Lennon art exhibit (see my prior post). I got a sneak peak yesterday and it’s pretty awesome!)


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