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Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Scandalous, The Subversive and...The Classics?

This Saturday marks the beginning of National Banned Books Week, a celebration of our freedom of speech and our freedom to read! Locally owned and operated community-mainstay, the Boulder Book Store, located at 1107 Pearl Street, will be highlighting a selection of some of the most well-known classics (alongside some more surprising titles) to merit the infamous 'badge of censorship'.

Ranging from children's stories, such as Shel Silverstein's Where the Sidewalk Ends, a personal favorite (and a shameful promoter of "rebellion against parents"), to spiritual guides, like D.T. Suzuki's Zen Buddhism (guilty of presenting Zen "in such a way that the reader could very likely embrace its teachings"); Banned Books Week is sure to be full of surprise, outrage, laughter and, above all, great literature.

A perfect excuse to lose yourself in the stacks, to introduce your children to old favorites or to stumble upon something new for yourself, Boulder Book Store's Banned Books celebration offers something for every level of reader. So, whether you find yourself dabbling in the magic of Harry Potter or the Satanic Verses of Salman Rushie, be sure to recognize your 1st Ammendment rights this week!

- Written by Rebecca Ross. Rebecca is a Marketing Intern at Boulder Book Store.

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