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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Denver's Mayor tells Downtown Boulder to call him John

With an audience of close to 200 distinguished guests attending Downtown Boulder’s Annual Luncheon (& awards ceremony), John Hickenlooper told the audience he would prefer for people to call him John rather than Mayor. This was one of many highlights that the Mayor… John… touched on during his presentation as the event’s keynote speaker.

While enjoying a lovely catered lunch at the historic Hotel Boulderado, Hickenlooper brought the audience to their feet (twice) with his sincerity, wit, humor and all around good nature. He shared some of his personal experiences from the Presidential Inauguration and touched on the success of last year’s Democratic National Convention. He reminded the audience how proud they should be to live and work in Boulder and the need to work together through these tough economic times. With subtlety, he stated how important it is, now more than ever, to support locally owned and operated businesses and the positive repercussions of doing so.His approachability and warmth resonated with the attendees as the luncheon drew to a close.

This year’s Annual Luncheon recognized individuals and businesses in the Downtown Boulder community who help make it one of the premiere shopping, dining and entertainment destinations in the state. Beverly Silva, director of sales and marketing for the Hotel Boulderado was recognized with the Outstanding Downtown Community Service award. George Emmons, owner of Into the Wind was received the Outstanding Retailer; Shining Star award. Stephanie McKay, co-owner of besos accepted the award for Outstanding Downtown Partner and the Outstanding Property Owner award went to J Nold Midyette. Larry Minks (Lolitas), was honored in memoriam.

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