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Monday, January 26, 2009

The power of cinema & the Boulder International Film Festival

In a past life, I spent lots of time watching movies as part of my job! Some I wanted to see; some I wish I'd never seen; and some that helped me understand a little more about human nature / see the world through a different perspective and/or gave me a huge dose of inspiration. Most of the movies that fall into the latter categories have been independent films or documentaries and the majority of those I would have never heard of had it not been for the film festival circuit.

Living in Colorado, we are lucky to have several festivals that attract some of the best movies being made (both independent and studio released). Over the years, I've attended the Denver International Film Festival, Breckenridge Festival of Film and the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival. This year, I'm excited for a festival that's happening right here in Boulder, the fifth annual Boulder International Film Festival (BIFF).

For three days (February 12 - 15), BIFF will highlight 55 films and 31 filmmakers with a spotlight on comedy, adventure and music themes. Legendary comedian Chevy Chase will receive an Award of Excellence in Comedy on February 14 during the Red Carpet Valentine's Gala event. On Opening Night, audiences will have the opportunity to check out Nothing But the Truth starring Kate Beckinsale with Matt Dillon & Angela Bassett followed by a conversation with Rod Lurie (the film's writer /producer).

BIFF announced their program last week. Here are a few entries that caught my eye:

Visit the BIFF Web site (www.biff1.com) to learn more about this year's festival. Check out the selection and experience the power of cinema for yourself.

"What is saved in cinema when it archives art is a spontaneous continutity with all mankind. It is not an art of the princes or the bourgeoisie. It is popular and vagrant. In the sky of the cinema, people learn what they might have been and discover what belongs to them apart from their single lives." - John Berger

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