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Monday, April 13, 2009

A Crocs of an opportunity in Downtown Boulder

Soon, my two little boys will be in a friend's wedding. Their tuxedos have been purchased as well as their dress shoes. I flinched as I put out the cash for the dress shoes because I know they will only be worn once. Why? Because my little ones live in Crocs - all year round. Right now, they are sporting the Mammoth style, lined with fleece, to keep their tootsies warm. Crocs are the only footwear that go on their feet easily and without a fight and trust me, in the morning when you are running late, footwear that slips on quick and doesn't cause melt downs of epic proportions is essential!

Today, I was excited to learn that Downtown Boulder's Pedestrian Shops and Boulder Arts and Crafts Gallery were teaming up for a great cause. On Friday, April 24 (in celebration of Colorado Children's Day), I can purchase a pair of kids' Crocs at the Pedestrian Shops and take them next door to the Boulder Arts & Crafts Gallery for my little Van Goghs to decorate.

One hundred percent of the proceeds from the sale of Kids' Classic Crocs and donations for decorating them will be given to the Boulder Mountainbike Alliance and designated for the Kids' Learning Loop at the Valmont Bike Park. The Pedestrian Shops, Boulder Arts & Crafts, Crocs and Jibbitz are teaming up to sponsor this event.

What makes this even sweeter is that at the same time (now through April 26), Pedestrian Shops is holding a shoe drive to celebrate Earth Day and help those in need. By dropping off gently worn shoes (think wedding dress shoes that will be worn only once), customers will receive a 10 percent discount on any shoe purchase. How great is that? For the past 20 years that Pedestrian Shops has hosted their twice annual shoe drives (Earth Day & Thanksgiving), over 26,000 shoes have been collected and distributed to local assistance organizations.

Join the Pedestrian Shops and Boulder Arts and Crafts Gallery as they raise money to help local area kids and change the world, one Crocs at a time!

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