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Monday, May 11, 2009

Grand Re-Opening at BMoCA with "Pure Pleasure"

Leave it to BMoCA to opt for spring colors in their windows and keep the door open. The inside is a sad tangled mess of wood and metal, but art is all about perspective, right? Thankfully, come June 5th the real exhibition moves in. After months of renovations, the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art is finally re-opening! And re-open they will. BMoCA will kick off the new and improved architecture (designed with help from the University of Colorado School of Architecture department), with a frenzy of exhibitions, guided tours, performances and talks to inspire and educate the mind.

The party begins Friday, June 5 at 8 p.m. at the opening reception and first peek at the new exhibition titled "Pure Pleasure." Sure to be a stimulating exhibit of color and wonder, the exhibit promises to provide a "counterbalance to the uncertain times in which we live." It will include many forms of media, including photography, ceramics and paint, while exploring the many definitions of "pleasure."

The exhibit will embody all that is The Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art and its dedication to both artist and art. The artists are a smorgasbord of locals, but all well-known within the community and the art itself verges on the line that BMoCA stretches with each new work of art, bringing past into the present, heart into the mind and old into the new.

Check out www.bmoca.org or www.boulderdowntown.com for more listings of events.

-Claire Little

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