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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Help Boulder Filmmakers Make it Big! Vote!

If you were perusing the bricks last week you may have run into John Goldman and Anna Salim, two Boulder High Alumni, lugging around their camera equipment and crew. The two hit Downtown Boulder favorites such as Old Tibet, Boulder Book Store, and Boulder Theater to film a short promotional trailer for Goldman’s feature project Paul Sussman’s Eleven-Step Guide to Self-Actualization. Goldman (director/writer) and Salim (producer) entered their work in a Netflix and Film Independent contest for first-time filmmakers. Among 2,000 other aspiring filmmakers Goldman and Salim’s film has now made it through to the semifinals with nine other contestants.

From June 5th – June 10th the trailers with be posted online for the general public to whittle down to just five. The films of those five trailers will then be viewed and judged by a panel of accomplished filmmakers and industry executives chaired by actor Josh Brolin (No Country for Old Men). Winners will receive a $150,000 cash production grant as well as filming resources for the total value of a $350,000 grand prize. The winning production will also be sold over Netflix.

Goldman remarks, “I’ve had a big crush on Netflix for years. My friends thought I was crazy, but I knew all those little red love letters were a two-way street. I’m so excited about this opportunity, I have to say, my queue runneth over.” Colorado has also expressed its pride in Goldman. The Colorado State Film Commissioner Kevin Shand adds that “this is just another example of the talented filmmakers we have here in Colorado.” Goldman is just one more person helping to put Downtown Boulder on the map.

Don’t forget to vote for your fellow Boulderites come June 5th!

- Claire Little

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At June 02, 2009, Blogger Hawk Z. said...

Hey, just wanted to give a shout out and thumbs up to this post! Go Boulder filmmakers! :D


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