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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Unseen Bean's Been Busy!

It's no wonder why the atmosphere at The Unseen Bean is so inviting. Gerry Leary, founder, master coffee roaster and owner of The Unseen Bean holds a philosophy on his business that is truly inspiring. Leary noted on a KOA radio interview that he is "letting my coffee do my marketing for me." Leary, who is blind, creates his coffee through "blind roasting," in which he relies on the smell, feeling and sound of the beans , not the color, as most other roasters do, to let him know when they are good and ready. After years of testing his methods, Leary now creates consistently amazing coffee and his passion for the job clearly translates to employees, shop and drink.

Recently, The Unseen Bean has had a surge in business. Bicycle champ Lance Armstrong tweeted in early April, "Love the unseen," with a website link. Shorty after, the local shop received around 100 orders from tweeters wanting to try Armstrong's daily java. Rose, an Unseen employee, noted the slight mayhem that occurred after the tweet including a website crash due to all the orders.

The Unseen Bean, through its convenient online ordering, now easily spreads the caffeinated joy world-wide, or stop on by Pearl Street and enjoy your cup on the bricks!

-Claire Little

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