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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Woof! (translation: Read to the Dog!)

Anyone who has ever found themselves talking to a dog knows they make fantastic listeners. Six weeks ago Boulder Public Library grew wise to dog lovers across the planet and promptly began its Read to the Dog program for children. Timber, a Belgian Tervuren and superstar of Read to the Dog, loves curling up in his cozy tent placed in a quiet corner of the library to practice his listening skills. Last week, young library patron Sejal Karki was thrilled to meet Timber for her very first reading session, and Timber was equally excited. After a few turns of the page and a couple pets on the head he swiftly surrendered to a nap as Sejal finished her favorite books.

The program is designed to help young children practice their reading skills and gain confidence in reading out loud. Sejal, however, was most excited to play with Timber. Check out the video below for a peak of Sejal and Timber's story time.

Read to the Dog is held every second and fourth Thursday of the month. The next session is May 28. Don't forget to sign up!

- Claire Little

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