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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bikers and Peds Rebel! Parking Spaces Day This Friday!

It's Parking Spaces Day this Friday in Downtown Boulder! On June 12th East End businesses will transform 8x17 plots of grade-A storefront parking into community spaces. Take a mini-exercise class, work on your putting skills, relax and read a book, do some yoga or sit back and chat with other visitors in the variety of spaces the East End has to offer! Pedestrians and bikers can play parking spaces Bingo by downloading a card here and getting stamps along the way. Once filled, you can enter to win a slew of prizes at the end of the day.

As part of Walk & Bike Month, this event strives to promote a cleaner planet and brighter community. This day will help visualize a world-wide movement for replacing space for cars with space for humans. Parking Spaces Day dares to imagine a place where the 3,778 parking spaces in Downtown Boulder are no longer needed and can be transformed into free bike racks and community spaces for all.

Momentum, one of the many businesses participating this Friday, will be celebrating their 2nd birthday with cake, a massage chair and drawing for a $50 gift certificate at their space. During the day they will also be unveiling their life-size galimoto, a traditional Kenyan bicycle push toy, created from scrap in collaboration with Community Cycles. The Cup will also be participating by following the footsteps of Portland, Missouri and New York by offering bike corrals in an effort to reduce the number of bikes locked up to trees, benches or street signs. Joyful Furniture, another participant, will be holding a paint-your-own-park-bench activity in their 136 square feet. Other businesses participating will be Barrett Studio, Aji, Full Cycle, Urban Pearl and Violette.

Don't miss Walk & Bike Month's Parking Spaces Day in Downtown Boulder's East End from 10 a.m - 2 p.m. Friday June 12th. Also, Bike to Work Day is coming up June 24th! Register here!

-Claire Little

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