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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

May Flowers Bring June…Showers

We all know Boulder’s weather is a little wacky, but with all this rain splashing down on summer, just look on the bright side: at least it’s not 100 degrees (yet)! When the seasons do their switcheroo, sometimes it’s easy to forget how one might spend their day in such disagreeable weather. So when you’re staring out your window searching for the sun remember that there’s plenty to be done in Downtown Boulder – even on rainy days!

If your bike is rather ill-equipped for the rain like mine, hop on our town’s fantastic transportation system to get where you need to go. Order a warm breakfast and coffee at Foolish Craig’s, because who wants to eat a bowl of cereal and start the day off cold? Not me! With its cozy, inviting environment, it’s the perfect place to hide out and fill up for the day. If you’re lucky enough you’ll get a seat by the window and watch all the poor suckers that forgot their raincoats that morning.

After you’re fat and happy with something yummy like ‘A Bunch of Hooey’ or a ‘Tofu Scramble’, make a dash for the Pearl Street Mall. It’s time for some shopping and first on the list is Into the Wind! This store is the perfect place to soak up some cheer for any age. If the colors, toys, and games don’t put a smile on your face then abandon all hope and wait for the sun to come out. But if you’re a kid at heart,like me, this is the perfect stop on a rainy day.

Next up is Peppercorn. This store just oozes homey goodness - I can spend hours in here rain or shine. I always make an effort to throw some kind of gathering when it’s nasty outside and Peppercorn is the perfect place for planning the party. Here you can browse the cookbooks for a great rainy recipe, grab some drink mixers to warm your spirits, or wander amongst the cookware of your dreams.

Then head to Outdoor Divas for planning of a different sort. Here you can gear up for the next sunny day and outdoor adventure be it hiking, biking, fishing or swimming. For those who wouldn't consider themselves divas, head to Boulder Army Store, or for the tykes try Little Mountain Outfitters.

Ready for some downtime? Hit up the Boulder Book Store. With three stories of literary magic hopefully you can find something that sparks your interest. With a new paperback in hand, settle in at Bookend Cafe for a hot chocolate or just down the road at Trident for their famous cider.

If you can eventually pull yourself out of the book, wind down with a stroll down Boulder Creek Path. If you’ve never been down the path during rain, make a mental note to do so; the bikers are few, there won't be gaggles of dogs getting in your way, and the greenery and creek plump up for spectacular sounds and sights.

Back in the comfort of your own home, dry off, get warm, and although I’m sure you had a fabulous day in rainy Downtown Boulder, curse the rain and hope that tomorrow is one of Boulder's 300 days of sun.

- Claire Little

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