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Monday, February 08, 2010

Once, Many, and Repeat....

Found this one in a round-about way, as it was featured on notcot.org. But check out OnceMany.com, which is Boulder artist Shane Rich's 365 day photography project that is definitely worth a look. Sort of art meets non-traditional marketing and media, and allowing anyone to "endorse YOU and any message/theme of your choice through photography". Kinda awesome.

Check it out http://oncemany.com/about and a random page of it here http://oncemany.com/page/3/. Just more cool stuff happening in and around downtown....

- Eli

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posted by Anonymous @ Monday, February 08, 2010   1 comments


At February 08, 2010, Blogger Mike Pascoe said...

I participated on Jan 16 and 19, and it was great fun! Awesome photos and an awesome experience with Shane!


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