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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

2,567 Faces on the wall, 2,567 Faces...!

Eli: your desk has now become storage for auxiliary bagels. ;)

Do you ever feel like you're getting lost in the crowd? Boulder is getting bigger and bigger every day and it's becoming harder to stand out from the masses. But local photographer Peggy Dyer is giving people the opportunity to be one in a million with her project One Million Faces. Peggy's goal is to photograph one million faces and donate proceeds to charities in the process. Last count was 2,567 faces in 61 days, which translates to a pace of about 15, 360 faces per year. She has visited businesses and events all over Downtown Boulder and snapped the willing at Whole Foods, Om Time, and more.

Definitely check out Peggy's work, she has a great eye for capturing candid moments and I'm sure she would love more volunteers to host events for her. She is currently supporting several charities: the Davis Phinney Foundation, the Chanda Plan, Shjon Podein's Children's Foundation, MESA, and others.

Mugging for a cause can't get any better!


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