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Friday, July 02, 2010

"Don't tell me this town ain't got no heart..."

Happy Friday everyone!

I'm a DBI intern by day, but a server at Abo's on Pearl by night. Last night, the Thursday night bike ride cruised by Abo's while I was working, and everyone in the restaurant turned to survey the source of the ruckus. This was the largest ride I'd seen. American flag capes, silver stars, and patriotic hats were numerous as the crew raced by in the cool twilight. A table of visiting Texans were sitting near the front, and the looks on their faces expressed wonder and a little bit of alarm. As we watched, I explained to them that this happened every Thursday night in Boulder, and it seemed to be particularly large because of the upcoming holiday. "Well I'll be..." one woman exclaimed and turned to her husband with a smile.

Being able to explain the eccentricities of our town to tourists made my heart swell with pride. Boulder's not for everyone, but if it is, you love it with all your heart. You may long for beaches or cooler summers, lush greenery or more rain, but this little town is hard to leave when it comes down to it. I know people who have moved away and find frustration in trying to ride a road bike to work, or sadness at the bland population of "normal" people. I try to never take Boulder for granted. Whenever I find myself becoming too self-centered, I take a deep breath and a minute to look up at the Flatirons. They humble me more than anything. Even after 4 years, they do it to me every time. I hope that never fades. Their beauty astounds.

Happy Fourth of July! Check out Downtown Boulder's page here for a list of happenings this weekend.


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