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Monday, August 09, 2010

Dont tell my RA, but this picture is actually me

It's the second week in August, and that means back to school for everyone but me. As a child, I'd watch out the window for the mailman like a vicious Doberman. The second I spotted him, I'd race out to see if today was the day he was going to deliver my highly anticipated school supply list. The second I got my anxious little paws on it, I begged my mom to go shopping. Something about new, clean notebooks and crayons with perfect points drove this little redhead wild, and still does. Alas, this year I won't get to indulge on the smell of fresh paper. Graduating is overrated.

Good thing there is a new crop of freshman to take my place. 6000 of them to be exact. Next week, the out-of-state orientation begins, and if you've never been in Boulder this time of year, you're in for a treat (read: sarcasm). Not only are the 6000 freshman here, their moms and dads are too, and siblings and grandma, if we're lucky. It would be a good week to ride your bike to work to say the least. Driving 5 miles will take 20 minutes. Also, avoid Target for a good 3 weeks, if you can. The freshman pick the place bone dry like the Grinch on Christmas Eve. They will spend about $821 dollars on back to school spending, slightly more than other classes. That totals over $240 million dollars for Boulder over the next few weeks. Hotels and restaurants will be booked solid, so if you have a date or celebration coming up, you might be SOL. Good news for downtown Boulder businesses though!

If I sound bitter, you're spot on. I'm so incredibly jealous of the little 18 year old's I could stuff one in a closet and steal their identity. My four years at CU were the greatest of my life, and I wish the time machine had been perfected so I could go back and do it all again. Yes, the dorms and all.

So if you're near campus next week and hear muffled sounds coming from a trash can that has a top mysteriously chained on, don't worry about it, I'll occasionally toss them some scraps from Libby Dining Hall.

Gotta go, party on the hill in twenty.

-Gage, class of 2014

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