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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lettuce Entertain You

If I've learned one thing in the almost eight years I've lived in Boulder, it's that the town is full of entertainers. Everybody wants to act, sing, dance, perform, and make you laugh. Some are not so successful (I'm talking to the two guys dressed in grunge yelling Ramones' songs on Pearl the other day) and some attract crowds in droves (the tiny plastic box guy comes to mind). There are open mic nights galore, karaoke, slide presentations, etc etc etc.

The Boulder International Fringe Fest (running through the 29th) is a great place for all aspiring superstars to seek inspiration. The festival hosts barnstormers from local, national and international destinations on a mission to captivate, amuse, and knock 'em dead. Performances range from condensed operas featuring Pinnochio in a post-apocalyptic setting to a couple dudes playing video games with their electric guitars to groovy dancin' music. All the events are scheduled to start after a (normal) work day, but if you got stuff ta do, at least head back downtown for the Daily CRAB, which is like cocktail hour and a variety show with Fringe artists mixed into one. Hosted by Boulder's own Dave Burdick, it's a fun way to wind down (or up).

If you hate having fun, at least check out one of the hosting venues to support local businesses. The Fringe Fest helped to generate approximately $750K in revenue for Boulder shops--which is majorly awesome!

Tickets are cheap, or you can check out the site for discounted punch passes and take all your friends on the cheap; you'll be the office hero and get free drinks all night, probably!

So, let's recap reasons to see a show before you're out of luck: 1. Funny and/or entertaining, 2. Cheap, 3. Supports local revenue, 4. Free drinks (maybe in some cases).

Sounds pretty solid to me, I think you should check it out. Mix it up a bit, cuz you know the zip code guy gets a little redundant sometimes. I mean, it's not fun if he never gets stumped.



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