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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Stacy for Intern 2010

This chain letter is real. It was written by a girl named Stacy who wanted to win a contest to become Think Motive's next Intern. It was started in 1862 and has been around the world 27 times. It was found again in 1985 by Tom Jones who followed the directions and sent it out to seven friends. Three days later, Tom's lost cat came home after six months.

If you pass this chain letter on, something good will happen, but if you ignore it, you will have bad luck for ten years. Jane Doe got this chain letter in her email and sent it to the trash file. That night, her water was turned off. Her husband Dick also ignored the letter and the very next day he started to bald prematurely.

If you don't want to be like Dick and Jane, then follow these instructions and help Stacy win big:

1. "Like" Think Motive on Facebook
2. Go to "The Interns" tab and scroll down to Stacy's video.
3. Watch and "Like" the video.
4. RT or forward this link seven times!

Thank you for your help!


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Monday, April 26, 2010

Being Green IS Easy!

When I was seven, my grandma took me to see FernGully. I have never felt so wrought with guilt as I did leaving that theater. The grievous costs of society's over-consumption literally ate me up inside, so I refused to go home until my grandma bought me a little plant of my own.

Luckily, here in Boulder I don't have to worry about mitigating unnecessary ozone and rain forest depletion. We have enough trees and vegetation to be named a "Tree City USA" for the 26th year by the National Arbor Day Foundation. (As if we didn't already hold enough titles--seriously, Boulder is like one of those girls-next-door that decides to enter a pageant just for fun and sweeps all the awards.) This is an awesome recognition and so easy to come by. If you're interested in spreading the (tree) love, The Center for ReSource Conservation has a great deal on Colorado-specific trees through their Trees Across Boulder plan. Or, Downtown Boulder, Inc. is offering free petunias to businesses in the Business Improvement District as a way to beautify!

If your kids also suffer from FernGully trauma, bring them down to Pearl Street Mall this Friday to celebrate the tulips and the coming of summer with the Tulip Fairy at the Tulip Fairy and Elf Parade. Children are encouraged to dress up as miniature fairies and elves and parade around the bricks. Following the parade is the annual Colorado Children's Day Festival with activities galore for your little ones to enjoy.

Support Downtown's effort to be green and thriving; plant a tree, plant some tulips, or come downtown with your children to instill environmental awareness at an early age!


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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I Heart Admin Pros

Know who doesn't get enough recognition? Your administrative assistant. He/She knows you like the back of their hand--your schedule, how you like your coffee, who you want to avoid on the phone, how to fix that pesky problem on your computer. They do all the dirty work: they're the first ones to speak with a peeved client and they run the database. They edit your poor grammar and they smile while they do it.

Thank goodness you have the opportunity to thank them! Since 1952, National Administrative Professional's Week has been a workplace observance dedicated to receptionists, office managers, staff support and personal assistants. It is celebrated the last full week of April every year and--wait, that's this week! Yikes, did you forget?! It's okay, you still have plenty of time to laud your admin professional and shower them with gifts. But how about instead of a hug or high five, this time around you give them something awesome, like a Downtown Boulder gift card! Good at 175 retailers and restaurants downtown, its the perfect way to say, "Thank you for running my office!" They can be purchased online, at our visitor center everyday between 12:00 - 4:00 p.m. or at our office in the 1942 Broadway Suites.

Get on it stat, and show your administrative support system you care!


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Eat Downtown on the Cheap

I feel like I'm constantly talking about how I'm broke and can't afford anything in this blog, so I wanted to clarify: I do have some money, I promise. But like any recent grad, it's pretty limited funding, so I can appreciate (and possibly obsess about) a good deal. And I like to pass these good deals on to you; sharing the wealth is good karma! So I went on a field trip a few days ago to scout out all the cheap lunches down here downtown.

Lunch is an important meal--it's suppose to revitalize you to get you through the remainder of your workday, but it's often overlooked and even I'm guilty of skimping and nibbling at my desk rather than running out for a quick bite. But now none of us have an excuse because I made a whole web page devoted to my findings! And these listings are meant to accommodate a speedy lunch hour, with a few sit-down opportunities sprinkled in, so you can definitely fit something in. Everything I came up with is also under FIVE BUCKS. Yeah, amazing, I know.

Plus there's a little something for everyone--from a BBQ sandi at The Rib House to hummus and baba ghannuj at Arabesque and sushi at Japango. And there's healthy options at Mountain Sun or you can go for fast food at Freddie's Hot Dog Stand.

To make it reeeeallllly easy, I even included a map for your personal reference for making decisions based on proximity.

So take a little look see at my handy work and maybe you can make time for lunch today. I'm sure if I have a fiver on hand, you surely must.

Lunch on!



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Monday, April 12, 2010

Tasty Pearl

All of a sudden, Boulder is this culinary hot-spot; a hub for all things yummy. Restaurants around here boast local produce and sustainable/eco practices and end up in 5280 Magazine and Westword for "Best Of this and that..." awards. Here in Downtown Boulder we have Top Chefs and master mixologists, and cuisine from all around the world! All the cool kids are talking about it, and I wanna go, too!

But let's get real, here. I'm an intern--I get paid diddly. There's no way I can afford to be as much a part of this scene as I want to. There are literally 113 places to dine in the downtown area; multiplied buy an average of $15 spent per restaurant equals at least $1695.00 I do not have, thanks to silly things like gas for my car and student loans.

I can, however, scrounge up $52.80, which will get me a pass to the Taste of Pearl next weekend. In fact, I might even be able to spring for one for my boyfriend, too!

Taste of Pearl presents the perfect opportunity to sample your way around downtown without committing to any one restaurant's full menu. This way, you can note which restaurants tickle your fancy and make a date to go back for a full meal later. All those places you've been dying to try, like Black Cat, Salt, and Frasca are all going to be there, with bells on. And as an added bonus, local wineries, like Bookcliff, Boulder Creek and a ton of others are going to be on hand to provide something to wash it all down with. Plus, you'll be in all the cool spots: from Tesla to Starr's to the new Wenger Swiss Army Store.

So here's your (and my) chance to hang with the cool kids--to be able to give our two cents when they start rambling on about the latest Boulder bistro or eatery. Get a ticket NOW and if you're one of the first 200, you'll also snag a year's subscription to 5280 Magazine. Spend a little, get a lot!


Editor's Note: We might be able to scrounge up a tix for our favorite intern ;) - The Evil Overlords at Downtown Boulder

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Monday, April 05, 2010

So a Girl Goes Into a Coffee Shop, and the Barista Says...

I love coffee. I need coffee. I also love attention, and being spoiled, and that's why I go to The Cup. There are plenty of great coffee places, but The Cup has got it right in so many ways. And since they just celebrated an anniversary, I'd like to give a little testimonial and shout-out to the prettiest cappuccinos I've ever had.

I remember it like yesterday...I wandered into The Cup almost three years ago for the first time. It was freezing and I was broke from a job I was pouring my heart, soul, and wallet into. I just wanted a little pick-me-up and a place to read some Capote, so I didn't have high expectations. But that's what you get from years of Starbucks coffee, I guess. Anyway, what I found was a warm crew of baristas, a friendly atmosphere, and a heart made of milk foam atop a perfect little cappuccino. I settled into my book and felt comfortable enough to stay there for over two hours. Refreshing, rejuvenating...it was what I needed to snap out of my funk.

Then, what started as a weekly tradition turned into an almost daily occurrence, during which the staff at The Cup began to introduce themselves and remember my order for next time. Pretty soon I found myself finishing one book and starting a new one in one sitting, ordering a drink or a turkey bagel sandwich with jalapeno habanero cream cheese (yum) just to prolong my time spent there. Now I take my crocheting or a crossword along too, or stop by on my way back from the Farmers Market to sit in the sun and people watch. Always relaxing and never taxing.

To The Cup: Thank you for providing an awesome venue to just be a Boulderite! And of course, for chocolate-covered espresso beans...


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